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Welcome to Protodie

Protodie is known for our buggy design and race proven parts and Industrial design and engineering 

For now we will still be taking a few orders on a limited basis for some of our products until the right person can take over suppling buggy parts to our customer base. 

see the "Current Parts Available" section  

If a part you need  for your build is shown not available for sale on the website, feel free to email me and check to see If I have the materials in stock and what the time frame to build them would be   [email protected]

PROTODIE POWERSPORTS buggy parts business is for sale

On May 1st 2019 the option to place orders is shut down on the website. The website will stay up and running and ready for when and if the right person or company decides to take over the buggy parts business and continue what we have started.

"I" The owner, Jody Dykstra have accepted an offer from a larger company for a design and engineering position in their company and have been there for almost a year now.

I have decided to offer the buggy part portion of the business I created over the past 15 plus years up for sale. The hours at my engineering job are 50-70 a week. Then I have been building buggy parts and customer orders on nights and weekends.

I hope to find the right person or company to take over buggy part side my business so they can continue to provide quality buggy parts to our large customer base and keep their builds going so I can continue the CAD design

A short list of business assets to be included with the sale of the business: just about everything to build the parts shown on our website

Skids of laser cut steel parts to build our products

skids of purchased components, heims , cv's ,axles, hubs etc.

our website / web-store and Domain

I will keep the domain for industrial die design purposes but will have a direct link to

many jigs and fixtures to build our parts

Many cad designs for all our buggies and parts

copy of our Quickbooks accounting books, all our customer information and files which is approx. over 1300 customers

list of where to buy parts and materials and if possible to transfer over dealer status to purchase from my supplier companies.

steel, sheet metal used for specific buggy parts

and there is much more.

I will also sign a 10 year non compete clause for the new owner for building buggy parts for sale.

I will also include one 40 hour week training to help the new owner with the transition and loading of parts, jigs, steel,etc.

The items listed above and much more can be purchased for $50,000. This is not even half of the value of the inventory, website, and design value but  I would like to see 

PROTODIE POWERSPORTS continue to build parts for our customers and grow.

This can easily be made in profit the first year.

if interested, email me at [email protected]

I hope to find the right person or company to take over what I have started.

Thank you to all my customers I have had the privilege to work with over the years 


  Jody Dykstra / Protodie

Featured Products
Motorcycle Buggy Complete Rear drivetrain & suspension w/reverse
Motorcycle Buggy Complete Rear drivetrain & suspension w/reverse
Your Price: $6,500.00
Buggy Front Wheel Kit - 5 Bolt
Buggy Front Wheel Kit - 5 Bolt
Your Price: $750.00
Front A Arm Kit -1 1/2
Front A Arm Kit -1 1/2" dia. chassis mount plates
Your Price: $750.00
 Buggy Front A Arms
Buggy Front A Arms
Your Price: $645.00
930 Rear Wheel Kit - 4 Bolt
930 Rear Wheel Kit - 4 Bolt
Your Price: $560.00
Rear Wheel Kit - Tube Style
Rear Wheel Kit - Tube Style
Your Price: $540.00
Live Axle Brake Rotor - 12
Live Axle Brake Rotor - 12"
Your Price: $100.00
Master Cylinder - 3/4 in. Brake, clutch
Master Cylinder - 3/4 in. Brake, clutch
Your Price: $52.00
1/2-20 Threaded End LH
1/2-20 Threaded End LH
Your Price: $9.00
5/8-3/8 Hi-mis spacer Stainless
5/8-3/8 Hi-mis spacer Stainless
Your Price: $7.50